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LED lighting & retrofitting

LED lighting & retrofitting


Retro fitting is becoming a very popular product, whether you are looking to improve the look and feel of your existing electrical fittings or looking to reduce your energy bills . Retrofitting is an inexpensive option to achieve this both adding value to your home whilst reducing your energy consumption.


How we can help you improve value…

  • Update your switches and points, a huge range of switch and outlet types are available you can choose almost any colour & finish to suit any room of your home
  • Add sensors, passive infrared sensors give you the convenience of turning lights on when you enter an area and off when they sense you leave. You’ll save energy by never leaving the lights on again.
  • Add dimmers,  whether you’re watching a movie or having a romantic dinner, adding a dimmer can set the mood in a room
  • Update your light fixtures, lighting can set the mood of a room not just from the light it gives off but by the actual light fixture as well. Consider design, as well as function, when choosing the light fixture for your room.


How we can help you save…

  • Switch to led lighting and save up to 80% of lighting costs
  • Using a dimmer can save up to 50%
  • Installation of an energy monitor will make you aware of your energy consumption
  • Using a ceiling fan in place of air conditioning can save between 40c and $1.30 per hour of use
  • Set and forget timer switches, never forget to switch off again
  • Motion sensors can switch on and off lights when you need them, no more leaving the flood lights on
  • Combine these savings with a solar installation and you could zero your energy usage
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